Smart Meters

Smart Meters

What is it?

Smart metering is a system made up of a series of electronic, communication and computer devices interconnected in such a way as to automate low-voltage supply management:

  • Electronic meter: located at the supply point, it gathers data about consumption and quality parameters while enabling remote management of contractual details.
  • Data concentrator: by means of the distribution network, the system gathers and sends information between the meters and the IT control tools.
  • Management systems: the universe of tools that control and process supply related information.


Viesgo, in keeping with its firm commitment to energy efficiency, decided in 2004 to implement smart grid technology that would revolutionise low-voltage grid management. Today, in keeping with the provisions laid down in Spanish Royal Decree 1110/2007 and Ministerial Order 3860/2007, Viesgo continues to roll out this innovative system which brings multiple benefits:

  • It turns the power user into an active party by providing him with detailed consumption information. It enables the design of dynamic tariff systems tailored to the needs of users and the national grid. It contributes to the deregulation of the electricity market to the extent that its speeds up processes.