Why are we replacing meters?

Given the advantages implied by this innovative technology, and in compliance with Spanish Royal Decree 1110/2007 and Ministerial Order ITC 3860/2007, Viesgo is replacing existing analogue meters with smart meters, all of which in keeping with the technology upgrade project approved by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and the switchover plan approved for your autonomous community.

Where will the new meter be located?

The meter can be installed in the same place as your existing meter.

What's involved in replacing the meter?

As part of the replacement campaign, users will receive a letter explaining the equipment change. A few days before the meter is replaced, a poster will be placed in the building hallway or another visible place with general information about the changeover; another poster will be put up the day before indicating the specific date and time of the substitution. Each user is individually notified of the substitution before it is carried out. It only takes a few minutes to change the meter.

Can I own my meter?

Yes, the end user can opt to lease or buy the meter. It is up to you to decide whether to buy your meter or lease it from your distributor. To purchase it, you can get in contact with the indirect suppliers featured in the accompanying list. List of electronic meter suppliers.

If I own by meter and then opt to lease it, what rights do I have?

If your piece of equipment is included in the substitution campaign, it must be replaced under the scope of applicable legislation. If your piece of equipment is less than 15 years old you are entitled to extend the lease of the new meter by the useful life of your old meter.

I have an electronic meter with an automatic circuit breaker which has shut off. What should I do?

If the meter breaker has shut off, try and reset it. If you can't switch it back on, you may be facing a power outage (definitive service disconnection, supply cut for non-payment).

I have an electronic meter without an automatic breaker and don't have power. What should I do?

Most likely, you have exceeded your contracted capacity. Switch the general breaker on and off after you have unplugged a few devices that had been connected to the mains. Service will be then be re-established.

Are the data obtained from remote meter readings kept confidential?

The only data obtained via the remote management systems are those strictly essential to management of your electricity distribution contract and are used exclusively to this end.

Where should I call for more information?

You can call 900 101 051 for non-stop customer care between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

When will my meter be replaced? Will it cost me anything?

Before your meter is replaced you will receive a letter with detailed information about the substitution campaign, timing and stating the fact that it will not cost you anything.

How can I know whether my meter is certified for grid connection?

The meters we are installing have all necessary certifications and permits. To verify them, you may consult the attached list.