Supplier classification systems: RePro

As for the supplier registration system, RePro, Viesgo participates in this database (as announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on 28 June 2003) together with other important companies from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The RePro tool complies with European Directives on contracting matters and Spanish legislation applicable to the energy and other special sectors in terms of tenders for amounts in excess of certain thresholds. We therefore inform you that we will use this system to select the suppliers that will participate in this type of tender awards

To register with RePro you need to address your request to Achilles South Europe, S.L.U., tef: 914 26 49 35, fax: 914 26 49 11, web

For the above-listed reasons, it is necessary for all Viesgo suppliers to be registered in RePro, as all business dealings undertaken in the future will be articulated around this system.